Ph.D and Postdoc positions

PhD and Post-Doc positions in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in Toulouse


The University of Toulouse seeks to hire outstanding PhD and Post Doc candidates in AI and ML. The posts are affiliated with the Research Chair on Deep Learner Explanation and Verification, of the Institute on Artificial and Natural Intelligence (ANITI). Topics of research include: 

  1. Explainable AI

  2. Robustness of ML models

  3. Interpretability of ML models

  4. Fairness of ML models

Informal enquiries can be sent to Joao Marques-Silva (

About ANITI:

The French government, in consultation with an international jury of experts, has selected ANITI to be one of four, highly visible interdisciplinary institutes spearheading AI research, education, and economic development in France. ANITI has targeted as strategic areas mobility and transportation, and robotics/cobotics for the industry of the future. More specifically, ANITI will combine fundamental research on the foundations of machine learning and on integrating data driven and reasoning based systems towards the following goals.

  • Acceptability, Fair representative data for AI

  • Certifiable AI toward autonomous critical Systems

  • Assistants for design, decision, and Industrial processes

Starting operations in Setepmber 2019, ANITI is bringing together more than 200 researchers from universities, engineering schools, scientific and technological research organizations, and about thirty companies. More than thirty research chairs will be funded in this context, of which at least ten will be chaired by researchers brought in from the exterior. The project will also promote international mobility and collaboration to attract outstanding students and researchers.

ANITI plans to fund upwards of 40 PhD and 30 Post Doc positions. Successful candidates will have a unique opportunity of contributing to the ambitious research agenda of ANITI, and will be given excellent conditions for the development of their research skills, in terms of working conditions and laboratory facilities. The working language at the institute is English, and salaries are internationally competitive.

  • PhD Positions:  duration 36 months, net salary: 2096€ per month with some teaching (64 hours per year on average)
  • Post Doc Positions: from one to four years. Net salary: negotiable with a minimum of 2600€ per month with some teaching (64 hours per year on average).

Relevant pointers about ANITI are available at:  

Application procedure:

Formal applications should include a detailed CV, a motivation letter and transcripts of bachelor and master degrees.  Samples of published research by the candidate and reference letters will be a plus. 

Applications should be sent by email to:  (for PhD applications)  (for Post-Doc applications)

Applications should indicate the Research Chair on Deep Learner Explanation and Verification.